Thursday, 8 January 2015

KICKS Lipstick - Poppy Pink

Today on the blog I will be reviewing the lipstick from KICKS that I got when I was over in Sweden earlier this year. Unfortunately KICKS only has stores in Sweden but it is available online here and you can get anything you want from there. KICKS also sells a wide range of other makeup such as YSL, IsaDora, MAC, Bobbi Brown and many more.

The lipstick I have is KICKS own brand and its in the colour Poppy Pink, it does come in 14 other shades also. I paid 99 Swedish Krona (which is about €10.50). The description given on the website is 'Kicks Lipstick is a lipstick with long durability that moisturizes the lips in depth. Contains nourishing oils provide a pleasant and moisturizing sensation for up to six hours. The result is glossy and full lips.' Personally I love this lipstick when I don't want a matte lip. It is, like the description says quite glossy, so if you are looking for a matte lip then this isn't the lipstick for you. KICKS do have another lipstick range that is for creating a matte lip but unfortunately I don't have that one.

KICKS Lipstick Pink Poppy

The lipstick just seems to glide on and makes my lips feel really soft but some people may find it too oily or too glossy so it isn't for everyone. the only one problem I have with this lipstick is that it tends to rub off during the day and isn't very long lasting. Which is a real shame because other than that I think it is a brilliant lipstick.

On my next blog post, which will be next Friday, I will be discussing the Rianna Honey boots that I ordered off Love Clothing. You can find their website here if you want to take a look before next Friday.


Friday, 2 January 2015

Makeup Of The Day

So I thought I would start a makeup/look of the day and tell you about the products I use and where to get them and how much they are. 

Starting with my foundation. I use L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour foundation and I use 015 Porcelain. I like using this because it stays in place and gives great coverage, I find, on acne, which I do suffer from. You can get it in Boots and its €14.99 there 

Next is my eyeshadowand also my eyebrows and for this I used Victoria Jackson's Colour Collection in Pink. I don't know where in Ireland you can get this as I've looked online for stockists and I can't find any. You can however buy it online for about €25. It has lipgloss and blushes aswell, and has little brushes to apply them. I have seen some complaints about this but it has been perfect for me. 

Next is my mascara. I use L'Oreals waterproof 4D False Lash Architect. Before I apply this I do curl my lashes because if I didn't my lashes would be dead straight. You can also get this in Boots and it's €16.49 there. I know it sounds abit dear but trust me it's worth it because it doesn't smudge under your eyes and it's not clumpy and it doesn't clump your lashes all together. 

Lastly it's my lipstick. I used Rimmel's Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in 107. I only recently got this lipstick but I absolutely adore it. I've been to a few parties with it on and it's always still perfect at the end of the night. The colour in it is so vibrant and it really stands out. You can also get this in Boots for €6.99, which I think is amazing because the lipstick is so good. 


First post: Crown Brushes Set 600

Hi everyone. So this is my new blog about beauty/fashion/style and if something interests me I might post about it. 

This post couldn't have been timed any better as I got these brushes delivered to me from Crown Brush just this morning. Crown Brush is a reasonably priced, high quality brush site. They were recommended to me by a friend when we were talking about makeup brushes and I was complaining about how there are no really good and  still affordable brushes, and I'm currently a student so I try to not spend too much. 

This was when my friend told me about Crown Brush and how they are the exact same as the more 'designer' brushes but without the ridiculous price tag that comes along with it. And I listened to my friend because she's studying to become a makeup artist. 

I went on to the Crown Brush site and was surprised by the price, because of how low it was, of some of the brushes and brush sets. So I decided that I would try them for myself and I ordered the number 600 set which is a basic 12 piece set. I paid just about €29 for this set and with postage and packaging the total came to just above €35. I ordered on the 27th of December, which was a Saturday, and they arrived this morning on the 2nd of January, a Friday, so they didn't take too long to arrive. 

I used them today to do my eye makeup and my eyebrows and I loved them. The makeup just seemed to go on effortlessly, whereas before I had to spend ages just to do my eye makeup now it only took me about 10 minutes. And the brushes were so soft and weren't spiky or digging into me at all. 

I would totally recommend Crown Brushes for anyone who wants good quality brushes at affordable prices. Also their brush sets start at about €6 so they really are affordable for everyone. 

Visit their site at and you won't be disappointed.